14 February, 2022

gCode Generator 3 is now available!

The time has come! The brand new version 3 of the CorelDraw CNC Plugin is now available. The software has been further optimized with a revised user interface and many new features. The most important innovations are:

  • New design and optimization of the user interface. The user can now set the color of the interface. Additionally you can choose between light or dark mode. This makes the background color of the plugin and windows appear white or black.

  • New and optimized node algorithm. Curve precision can now be set using a value in units of length. For curve objects the software interpolates with the set curve precision (e.g. millimeters or inches). The precision of the curve interpolation is now independent of the object size.

  • New function for climb or conventional milling has been added. You now have the option of milling contours or pockets in up or down feed. In addition, you can also activate machining in both directions

  • Improvement and optimization in rendering and 3D representation of the toolpaths

  • Added axis labeling for the 3D representation of the toolpaths

  • New and unified message box

  • Setting the order for contour machining (optimize automatically or keep order on layer)

Discover all new features! Download the trial version of CorelDraw GCode plugin now or visit our online shop.

coreldraw cnc gcode plugin version 3

14 October, 2021

New website published

Our new website is published. Discover exciting products and innovations from engraving machines to CAM software. The new website combines two older websites, which were previously available separately. 

Both websites, and are now combined on this new website. Software products such as the CorelDraw GCode & CNC plugin were previously available at

01 October, 2021

CNC engraving and milling machine for jewelry: ENGRAVER 3

Schleicher Graviertechnik presents the latest innovation for engraving and milling jewelry. The ENGRAVER 3 elegantly combines an engraving machine with milling technology. Whether you want to engrave rings, watches, pendants or lockets. All machining can be done on a single engraving machine.

Gravier- und Fräsmaschine für Schmuck - Engraving and milling machine for jewelry - Engraver 3